Crest Precast Concrete

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Crest Precast Concrete installs 100+ person Storm Shelter

APPLETON, Wis. ---

Construction is underway on a large-scale tornado shelter behind Secura Insurance's new branch off Calumet Street.

When finished, the shelter will be able to protect 140 people from an F-5 tornado.

Kurt Domabyl with Crest Precast Concrete, says most of their work takes place in states like Illinois, Alabama, Texas, and Kansas.  Recently they're receiving more projects in Wisconsin.

        "We've been getting more and more calls," he says. "Because the tornadoes seem to be more and more frequent."

Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes per year. So far, our region has seen 5. There does not appear to be a recent increase from year to year, but Domabyl says more companies are looking to protect their workforce.

        "Coming over here and now having a lower level to take shelter, we decided that it was very important that our associates had the piece of mind that they had a shelter to go to in the event of a tornado," says Secura Facilities Manager Clint Dusenbery.

The shelters can hold up to 250 people, and range in price from $5,000 to $80,000.
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