Crest Precast Concrete

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lock and Dam photos Starved Rock & Marseilles

Lock and Dam photos Starved Rock & Marseilles

Crest Precast furnished precast armored panels for the guide walls on Starved Rock and Marseilles Dam(s) on Illinois river

Precast is an essential construction material that allows fast upgrades to infrastructure.

The panels have epoxy coated re-bars and are permanently attached to the guide walls. Crest Precast is a certified PCI plant producing 7,000 psi concrete on a daily basis.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Crest Precast, Inc. supplied 5 precast tanks totaling 87,000 gallons for Nickolson Manufacturing in Ixonia, Wisconsin.

The watertight precast tanks store water to supply a fire suppression system in the building. The tanks are reinforced and include 7,500 psi concrete.

Crest Precast, Inc. has furnished multiple projects for this type of use.

Thursday, December 5, 2019


This 181-person precast concrete shelter was engineered and recently erected at Dunbar Commons in Oklahoma City by CREST PRECAST INC. Dunbar Commons is a former school, transformed into senior apartments.

The shelter includes a precast stucco exterior finish and the interior includes two flush restrooms.

Crest Precast manufactures shelters in sizes from an 8-person residential shelter up to 44-person factory models. We are currently casting a 640-person capacity shelter for mobile home park in Minnesota. CREST PRECAST INC is a NPCA and PCI Certified plant.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Precast Rain Harvest Tanks

Crest Precast, Inc. manufactured and delivered 2 20,000 gallon (each) rain harvesting tanks for the new 89 room Magdalena Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Crest Precast, Inc. directed installation while working with customer(s) Innovative Water Solutions LLC and Mycon General Contractors, Inc.

Each of the 4 precast sections weighted 54,000 pounds and were cast with an anti-flotation collar. The precast sections were also skillfully placed into a tight construction area at the site.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Precast Detention Tank

Crest Precast, Inc. furnished 630 feet of precast concrete box section, for a large storm water system at Old Dominion Trucking terminal in Windsor, WI (Dane County)

Dotlich Contractors Inc. of Lebanon, IN installed 423 feet of 8 feet x 6 feet and 228 feet of 6 feet x 3 feet boxes using tie bolts and mastic to provide a water tight structure. Crest Precast, Inc. also furnished 19 precast structures consisting of inlets and manholes. The large manholes contained galvanized restrictor plates for the slow release of rain water.

The contractor, John Dotlich stated “the precast was of the highest quality” his company “has ever installed". We, at Crest Precast, Inc., take great pride that our box culvert design fit perfectly to save labor, and time, during installation. Thanks to our Crest team for such a fine project!

Crest Precast produces self-compacting concrete, which has a low water to cement ratio, and produces 7,000 psi concrete using strict quality control measures. We are a NPCA and PCI certified plant. The Wisconsin and Minnesota agencies also perform annual inspections to approve our production practices, and educate our quality control department on new methods.

The project Engineer was JSD Professional Services of Verona, WI.

Saturday, April 6, 2019


CREST PRECAST furnished Hometown Plumbing in Davenport, Iowa
with a 20,000 gallon, 2 compartment tank with each section weighing 65,000 pounds.
These watertight waste water tanks are reinforced and the concrete strength is 7,500 psi.

These heavy wide loads were delivered by Ripley Transportation and
placed by Seeser Crane Service. The project also included a smaller 2,000 gallon pump tank.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Crest Precast, Inc. placed 78 T walls, each measuring 8 feet long x 8 feet 6 inches tall, for Nutrien warehouse in DeForest, Wisconsin. Nutrien is the worlds largest potash producer.

Crest Precast, Inc. engineered the panels to store potash fertilizer and placed the T walls on an existing concrete floor and under an existing roof.