Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dual-textured sound wall provides finishing touch to U.S. 52 rebuild

A 225,000-sq.-ft., dual-textured sound wall was recently completed as part of a three-year project to rebuild U.S. 52 through Rochester, Minn. It involved reconstruction of three interchanges, addition of one more, and widening of the entire 11-mile portion — and at $232 million, it became Minnesota's largest-ever single-outlay for a road project. Barneveld, Wis.-based Crest Precast Inc. supplied 3,000 precast panels and 800 precast posts and caps for the sound wall, comprising 20-ft.-high walls embedded in a caisson and 10-ft. walls surface mounted by means of an anchor bolt and plate system.

The first project in Minnesota incorporating a dual-textured panel, both sides feature identical designs to accommodate viewers from any vantage point. Casting panels in a vertical gang form provided equal stone texture on both faces. Formliners manufactured specifically for the project and a two-color staining system applied after erection contributed to the finished look. National Precast Concrete Association- and Minnesota DOT-certified, Crest designed the texture and obtained state and city approval of final sound wall plans.

Crest Precast Inc.